There's a Motley Fork in the Road

When I started blogging I barely knew what the word meant. I hadn't a clue what I was doing, or even if I could do it. I almost find myself laughing at "When I started blogging" because I still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. 

One thing I have learned during this incredibly sporadic blogging journey is I have no idea who the hell I am. Most days I'm not even sure what I'm doing here. My mind is all over the place. I can be working on a project and then see something that grabs my interest....bam! I'm off. 

There's nothing wrong with doing so, but it does have a downside. I never really master anything or become confident in anything because I'm always fluttering around from this thing to that thing over there. Getting back to the first thing is hard without a time machine.

This truly is a fork in the road for me; a new beginning. My initial vision was entirely too broad and too vague. I didn't think about what it meant to me or what it might look like. I'm realizing now that this vagueness was part of my struggle. I was throwing stuff out into cyberspace, but I wasn't sharing the process, the feels or thoughts behind them. Another obstacle I make for myself, I share virtually every creative thing I do on Instagram. Again, nothing wrong with that, other than blogging about something I've already shared publicly makes it feel like I am regurgitating old news.

With all this in mind, I am now working on getting clearer in my mind about what my vision means to me and how I would like it to look. As well as getting clearer about what constitutes a blog post, what I want it to look like and how I want it to feel.

Are there any questions you think I should be asking myself?