Something Went Wrong

It was after 1:00 AM when I decided to give up on the “something went wrong” error message I was receiving on my blog configuration page. All my other pages were working fine, but not my blog page.

I decided to give it a rest and get some sleep after I snuck a peek at the full moon.

This morning, however, it has failed to resolve itself. I was hoping it would. I don’t know what I did. Or, even if it is the result of something I did as I made some adjustments and changes. I am a horribly inconsistent blogger.

So here I am, deciding to simply add a new blog page and see what happens. Declaring it Day One and forging ahead on a clean slate. I’m a fickle little human, so it really isn’t something new for me. I am choosing to begin where I am. Here. In this moment.

Fortunately, I had just a handful of posts; most of which I will not miss.

mini abstract, 2019

I recently participated in Laura Horn Art’s online class Abstract Adventuring. I thoroughly enjoyed it! She has a lovely teaching style and breaks the lesson down into nice, bite-sized pieces. It was delightful and fun.

I’m still learning and practicing and enjoying the process.