From Where I Make

From Where I Create

How 'bout a little peek of my art space?

A year ago we moved into a smaller house, about 600 square feet smaller. I went from a loft studio with approximately 120 square feet to what is supposed to be a dining area with about 49 square feet. On the downside, there are no walls or doors or privacy. I get all the foot traffic and it's far easier for my people to interrupt my process. On the upside I can view workshop videos on the 42" television via Apple TV in the living area and the coffee pot is just steps away.

My husband and I have talked about having an art studio built...think Tuff Shed. But that'll be down the road a bit.

For now, here's what I've got. My view from my favorite spot on the sofa:

Motley Planning & Art Area

Motley Planning & Art Area

Needless to say, my creative space has taken many shapes and forms over the past year. I have arranged, and rearranged, and purged and reorganized, and purged and reorganized some more. I started with the cubby system I had in my art loft, but it didn't work. I tried downsizing that system with a new top, but that didn't work either. Finally, I talked my husband into going to Ikea. I started with just two storage units. I have five now. 

I keep the most essential things in this area. You know, the things I actually need to make art. Three large bookcases I had in my art loft are now split. Two reside in the living area and one in the kitchen nook. The two we keep in the living area still house most of the same items: art journals, old planners, books and treasures. Non-essential items, things I don't need every day to make art: cello bags, shipping supplies, binding supplies, my Silhouette Cameo, etc. are stored in the closet of my husband's home office. 

The narrower Ikea storage units holding my custom painted desktop (a piece of plywood I painted) hold everything I need for planning and managing the household. I call it my planning desk. Rarely can you see the top of it. :) 

Against the wall is my art desk. It is a custom painted 6.5 foot Ikea desktop. I like to work standing up so I purchased some PVC pipe and connectors to add short legs that allow it to rest atop three larger IKEA storage units. The space between holds smaller storage solutions.

The lighting in this space isn't the best, but I hope you still enjoy this slideshow.