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Welcome to My Studio: 2019

My husband and I became empty nesters a couple of months ago when our daughter made the decision to move out. I knew she wouldn’t be home for too much longer being she is almost done with her college studies, but I thought there was more time. Don’t we always?

After a couple of weeks of moping around I began the process of turning my daughter’s old room into a studio office. I don’t want to bore you with all the grungy, backbreaking details so let’s just whittle it down to a bullet list:

  • remove paint off of hardwood floor

  • paint walls*

  • sand hardwood floor

  • put in new baseboards

  • refinish hardwood floor

*I painted the walls all white with a “Bit of Sugar.” I’m actually not a fan of white walls, with the exception of bathrooms, but I decided to go all white in my new studio. I can always add an accent wall (or two) later.

Viola! After a few weeks of manual labor I was ready to move in.

I’ve had a few different art space configurations over the past three years. I’ve purged and reduced my art supply footprint immensely, but still, I had things stashed and stored in almost every room in the house. As I gathered and collected all the things I piled them up in the studio. I also had to reorganize and retouch all the places I was vacating. It was quite the mess around here as I moved my art storage carts and cubes to the studio so I could move the dining table to the dining area and decide what to do with the kitchen nook. Now that my stuff has been cleared out of my husband’s office, it’s time to give his space some love too.

Most recently my art area was in the dining area; a small area approximately 7’ x 7’ with really bad lighting. But now….Now it’s actually the dining area. The lighting in this room is horrible so it’s always a challenge to get a decent photo.

The kitchen has a small nook that has at times served as my art area. A chair I purchased for the studio ended up being much bigger than I thought. Why does furniture always appear so much smaller on the showroom floor? When it became clear it wasn’t going to work well in the studio, my husband and I decided to put it in the kitchen nook. We decided to create a quiet place for reading, writing, or just sipping coffee. It still needs wall decor, but it’s nice to sit and read a few lines while waiting for a pot of water to boil.



naps. here. daily.

And now for the grand tour!

I created a slideshow using a variety of photos I shot before I get down to the business of making a mess. This will be the cleanest and most organized this room will probably ever look again. But, of course, a few things were moved around when I decided to place one of my favorite houseplants near the window.

All of my studio storage, sans the 6’ 6” bookcase, are on wheels. I drag myself down to Home Depot and buy wheels for anything that doesn’t come with wheels. It makes them so much easier to move when it’s time to clean or rearrange.

I hope you enjoyed the slideshow! Now I’m off to make a mess! Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!