Stepping Out of My Box

Recently I shared this video on my Facebook Page. One thing I’d like to do this year is learn how to make and edit videos. I so admire those who share their world and their work via video, but it is sooooo very scary for me. It is also something that takes so much time because I have no idea what I’m doing.

But it’s something I want to learn how to do and get more comfortable doing. If you regularly create and share video, perhaps you have some tips you can share?

I made this video with my iPhone and a collection of three or four apps to edit. It starts with a flip through of the page spreads I have already created in this particular journal and then takes you through a quick spread at double speed. I had no plan. I just pressed record and started. I’m guessing I’ll have to do a little more planning in the future. :)

That being said, if you didn’t catch it by linking through Instagram, and you don’t follow my Facebook Page, here it is.

Happy Monday! Have a great week! Mistaeks are mandatory. Add color + stir.