Wander in Dreams

“….good or bad, the process of trying to write it out in some sort of pattern with a rhyme or two really helps me to move through the mud and the muck and get to more positive, self-loving thoughts. (originally shared: July, 2014)

what happened to the dreams you dreamt as a child

what happened to your joy and childlike smile

when did it all get buried and lost in the unknown

when did you stop believing in yourself and lose hope?

so you can't remember what it is like

to dream or imagine an incredible life

they told you that dreams do not come true

and your life had no value bestowed upon you

but dreams do come true

you just have to believe

and work and wander and gather like leaves

it isn't too late

you're never too old

to define the dreams hidden in your soul

take off that steel cloak rusted with doubt

you are worthy and valued and more than enough

wander about the possibility of dreams

spread your wings wide with curiosity

flap them freely in the air

though you may falter and they may sneer

let people stare

let them snicker and point

they'll be the ones trapped

in conformity's choke